Dark Eye Circles

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Dark eye circles and baggy lower eyelids are a common result of the ageing process. They can result in a tired appearance, and improvement in this area can have a remarkable rejuvenating effect on the entire face. There are a number of causes for dark eye circles, but in most patients they are a result of the loss and shift in position of fat overlying the bony aspect of the lower eyelid. This loss of volume results in the tear trough, and as the skin is so thin in this area the darker colour of the underlying blood vessels and eyelid muscles become visible.

Many patients can achieve a wonderful rejuvenating result from the careful placement of hyaluronic acid filler material under the tear trough to restore the lost volume in this area. Dr Ludgate uses a blunt cannula to apply the filler material precisely under the eyelid muscles in the tear trough, which minimise the risk of bruising and make the procedure almost pain-free.

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